Create Your Own Gold Plated Jewelry.

Gold plated silver has been used in the manufacturing of jewelry to offset the high cost of pure gold. The same principals apply, whether you decide to gold plate your pieces as a hobby or as a professional. It is important to know the nomenclature and understand how the process works.

Gold Filled – The silver is coated with a thin layer of 12-carat gold.
Gold Plated – The silver is covered with a layer of gold using the method of electroplating.
Rolled Gold – Heat and pressure are used to create the layer over silver.
Gold Tone – The silver is cover in gold tone layer, but the actual gold is not used in the process.

Silver will react chemically with the gold over time. It will be essential to place a protective layer between the silver and the gold to slow down the process of oxidation. Some manufactures choose to plate the silver with copper first and then use the gold on top. Copper is more resistant to oxidation, and the tarnishing effects will not be seen as quickly. Nickel plating method has also been used; however, many people have exhibited an allergic reaction to this metal, and it is not used as widely.

If you are buying a finished pieced of jewelry, make sure to ask questions to determine if you are receiving a piece made of pure gold or gold plated. If you would like to refresh the look of an old family heirloom, it is advisable to find a reliable jeweler and request the piece to be plated with copper and gold.
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