Creating Custom Diamond Rings

There are more top name designers choosing to create their own lines of jewelry. Some of these designers will make original pieces for certain clients. The pieces designed as custom diamond jewelry can include those items created by top designers as well as products found at traditional jewelry stores and online. Diamond jewelry includes the array of rings used for engagement purposes. Many stores are now offering custom engagement rings based on the different features each ring can have.

People choosing to create their own custom ring can choose from an assortment of diamonds to have set within the band. Diamonds are available in different cuts which will help create the brilliance or light reflecting properties of the gemstone. When the bottom cone section of the gem is cut to have multiple facets, the end result is more light reflecting property. The top surface of a diamond is also cut with facets to create a certain shape and style. Some common shapes used for rings include the cushion cut, teardrop, round and square.

In addition to selecting the type of diamond to be placed inside a band, customers or clients also have different bands they can choose from. The metal the band is made of could be selected as a grade of gold, silver or platinum. The exterior surface of the band could be polished and smooth or etched with a pattern. The setting for the gem, can be made to hold one or more stones as an inlay or a typical prong style.

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