Learn Cosmetology In Beauty School

Beauty school is not just for hair anymore. Many beauty schools teach skin and nail care in addition to teaching students how to cut and style hair. While beauty schools focus on women’s hair and skin care, barber schools teach students how to cut and style men’s hair.

Students spend hundreds of hours in the classroom, learning about products, ingredients and skin conditions that can affect their job. After learning the theories, beauty school students get practical experience. Most students begin by working on mannequins. Students purchase their own mannequins for use in beauty school. These mannequins allow students to gain experience and show their skills to instructors before they service actual clients.

Beauty schools generally offer services to the public at a discounted rate. While students are supervised by instructors, they wash, cut, color and style hair. Because only students who have completed their classroom training work in the school salon, customers can be confident that they will receive similar service to that in an actual hair salon.

Schools that teach nail and skin care may also offer nail and aesthetic services to the public. Manicures and pedicures are commonly offered by beauty schools. The students who perform the services have had extensive training in nail care. Aesthetic services that may be offered by beauty schools include facials and waxing.

Following classroom instruction and clinical work experience, students take state board exams to become certified to perform services in a salon under the direction of a licensed manager. Additional coursework is required for students who want to manage or own a salon.
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