Learn How To Embroidery

Learning how to embroidery isn’t too difficult. It’s a great hobby for relaxing and unwinding from your busy day. Basic embroidery supplies include thread, embroidery hoops and scissors. Iron-on transfer patterns can be found at your local fabric store. Dressmaker’s carbon will also transfer your pattern to fabric.

Lay your fabric flat down on a hard surface. You may want to tape the fabric in place. Lay the carbon paper on top of the fabric. Place the design on top of the carbon paper. Using a pen or pencil sketch over the design. There are 10 basic stitches that can be used to embroidery a design.

Practice a basic stitch on a small project if you’re a beginner. Small hand towels make a good beginner project. You can use any embroidery stitch you want on your design. The split stitch is a popular stitch used for letters and outlines. The stem stitch is also a great stitch for letters. The back stitch makes a great outline on your embroidery design.

The chain stitch is good for filling in large areas in your design. The blanket stitch is a popular stitch used for hand embroidery and finishing blankets. The easiest way to learn how to master these embroidery stitches, is to search for online instructional videos.

Watching an experienced instructor go through the stitching process will help you learn the stitches faster. The more you practice, the better you will become at embroidery stitches. Keep your embroidery supplies in a convenient location, and when you are watching television, you can work on your embroidery project.

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