Sleep Deprived Get Help At Sleep Apnea Las Vegas Clinic

Many Nevada area residents who suffer from chronic sleeplessness or restless and disturbed sleep should investigate scheduling an examination by a physician in order to get tested at a sleep apnea Las Vegas clinic. Sleep apnea Las Vegas disorders can be verified by doing a special test called a polysomnogram. This kind of sleep apnea Las Vegas test is conducted while the patient is sleeping overnight at a sleep disorder clinic.

During an overnight testing session at a sleep apnea Las Vegas clinic, a patient will be assigned to a private bedroom that looks alot like a private room in a hospital, containing a single bed and an assortment of equipment for testing purposes. Electrodes will be attached to the patient’s face and scalp prior to sleep in order to record their physical responses throughout their sleep cycle. While the patient is sleeping, their breathing is also recorded as is the amount of oxygen available in their blood which may affect their sleeping habits.

The following day all of the data gathered overnight while the patient was sleeping is analyzed in order to determine whether or not the patient does in fact suffer from sleep apnea, a disorder in which breathing stoppages throughout the sleep cycle result in a less than restful sleep experience. The results of testing done at a sleep apnea Las Vegas clinic is an important step in helping the patient receive the right medical treatment in order for them to begin getting a more restful sleep. Sleep apnea Las Vegas patients might be offered medication, special sleep masks or recommendations for new pillows that can help them to breathe without disruption for a good night’s rest.

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