The Seeking Of Strange Esoteric Wisdom

The seeking of esoteric wisdom makes for a strange path and an alternative journey of faith. There are many different paths that lead to the knowledge of esoteric wisdom. You may wish to seek power, insight, understanding or just plain facts, but all require the discipline to follow through with your journey. The seeking of esoteric wisdom is unlike any other kind of quest for knowledge. It may take you on roads that are less traveled than your life up to that point. It may lead you to seek out the wisdom of sages and gurus. All the ways that lead to true esoteric wisdom are unique and unlike the others to the same knowledge. The seeking of esoteric wisdom maybe filled with magic or strange rituals, but it is not the dogmatic rites that matter, rather the insights found through them. It is not important which road you take to these insights, just that you take a path and follow it to the ending point. Point of view is not important for the individual seeker, but their point of view will shape the pathway that they end up on. The seeking of esoteric wisdom has been the quest of great minds and foolish jesters throughout the ages of human history. So it will continue to be throughout the future. The seeking of esoteric wisdom is not for the faint of heart, for it does take courage. The seeking of esoteric wisdom is not for the greedy, for it takes letting go of material pleasures. Seek what you may find.

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