What Are Aluminum Extrusions

Aluminum extrusions are die casted, molded aluminum that allows for the interconnection of a variety of building materials. these materials can be drain pipes, standard pipes, and even gutters. The aluminum extrusion allows for the piping or other material to be reinforced. this in turn allows it to be able to handle more weight and remain stable.

There are a number of ways in which these extrusions are made. In hot extrusion the temperature of the die is in excess of what the metal can take in order to remain a solid. In other words, the die is heated to such a temperature that the metal begins to become a liquid. In terms of aluminum this temperature would be 650 to 900 degrees F.

Another means to fashion aluminum extrusions is through a process called cold extrusion. This process does not seek to change the overall makeup of the metal through making it fluid. rather, cold extrusion keeps the temperature of the metal at or near room temperature. The metal is then worked into the shape and fashion tha More info: Aluminum Extrusions

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