Writing Novels As A Team, Just Like Pat Lawrence

If you’ve been enjoying reading crime novels by Pat Lawrence, you may not be aware that the writer Pat Lawrence is actually two people. A team that consists of a husband and wife, the name comes from the first name of the wife and the middle name of the husband. Working together, the two are responsible for some of the most interesting books in the murder mystery genre in recent years. If you’re interested in working with someone as part of a writing team, seeing how the duo that is Pat Lawrence has done it can help.

Readers often wonder how Pat Lawrence, being two people, manage to write novels together. After all, isn’t that a skill only one person can do? Not necessarily. In fact, two people can often work well together in creating one writing project, with one writing passages and the other doing research and then proof reading the work of the other. As people have different ways of looking at solutions for a murder mystery, having two people working on a problem in the plot can also be an advantage.

If you’re interested in working as a writing team, like Pat Lawrence, you don’t have to be a husband and wife team to do so. You simply need to find someone that thinks similarly to you, and that can compliment your writing, research and creative skills.

Why not ask a friend or someone in your writing group to work on a short collaboration with you, to test if you would make a good team? You may be surprised how well you can work together.

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